Piemonte Moscato Passito DOC Sorž Ruchin

Moscato, the most widely-grown and celebrated white Piedmontese variety, is famous for producing sweet wines of great intensity. Wines are also made from its dried grapes, and these have always been considered a rarity for appreciative palates. To offer our clientele a wine that is worthy of such a great tradition, for some years now we have been working with a vine-grower in Santo Stefano Belbo who goes by the name of Teresio Marengo “di Ruchin”. The grapes are grown in the heart of the Moscato growing area, on a vineyard facing south at the top of the Sirole hill that separates the Belbo and Rocche valleys. The ventilated hilltop climate and loamy soils packed with marl and Langa stone guarantee a perfect ripening of the grapes. The harvest takes place at the end of September, using wooden boxes which are then brought to Canale to dry above our winery’s portico. These natural conditions encourage the development of a mold called noble rot, which enhances the pulp by absorbing the water in the grapes. At the beginning of December, when the grapes have reached the ideal degree of over-ripeness, they are pressed whole. The must then begins a slow fermentation which lasts for several weeks. The wine is finally aged for 18 months before being released to the market. A meditation wine.

Growing area: Santo Stefano Belbo
Altitude: 380 m
Soil: clayey, marly.
Residual sugar: 100 g /l
Yield per hectare: 5 tons
Alcohol content: 13%
Acidity: 5.5-6 g/l
Bottle sizes: 375 ml
First vintage: 2001

Colour: deep, old gold.
Nose: deeply intense aromatic sensations combine to create a complex mix of  boiled chestnuts, caramel and dried apricot.
Bouquet: rich with a sugary residue toned down by an evident and welcome acidity. A first impression of oiliness and opulence is replaced by one of freshness and harmony with very persistent, multifaceted notes combining to create impromptu charm.
Serving combinations: a passito powerful enough to accompany the finest blue cheeses or desserts such as strudels.

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